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Helping individuals and organizations make meaningful impact in the world.


 Quentin M. Mumphery is the Founder and Senior Pastor of New Hope Covenant Church, a contemporary urban church with classic experience in a modern environment, located on Chicago’s south east side.


Quentin Mumphery is nationally known for his innovative and creative business strategies that help build, develop and sustain corporations on a national level. As the CEO of Kairos Strategies, LLC., he brings over 20 years of experience creating the educational infrastructure for schools, ministries and non-profit organizations.


Quentin Mumphery contains a wealth of biblical and business knowledge that can help anyone personally and professionally, obtain an abundant life full of prosperity. His published works provides the blueprint towards achieving the ultimate fulfillment of life through knowing, understanding and partnering with God first. 


 Quentin Mumphery has served  in executive level positions in various marketplaces that provided him with the superior expertise, education and experience that created the foundation of his consulting company, Kairos Strategies LLC.  Some of those monumental roles served was the Vice President for a national education management organization, Director of Family and Community Engagement for Chicago Public Schools, Director of Family Life Ministries and Director of Ministerial Development for one of the world's largest urban ministries,  along with holding the capacity of Senior and Associate Pastor for churches in the city of Chicago. His dedication to rebuilding the urban community through education and ministry is the level of excellence needed to provide organizations all over the world with the strategies they need to truly impact change.




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"Quentin Mumphery is an innovative and well respected leader in the fields of education and community engagement. Having a national footprint, as well as being an expert strategist, Quentin brings a keen understanding of the needs and challenges that many communities face."

Providence Public School District, Superintendent

Harrison Peters

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